Convenience Store

convenience store irving ny


Visit our convenience store in Irving, NY

Take a break by pulling into our convenience store. Catt-Rez Enterprises Inc has all your favorite sodas and snacks, as well as lottery tickets, maps and auto supplies.

At our store, you'll find:

  • PPE products, disposable masks and sanitizing wipes
  • CBD products for people and animals
  • Seasonal items

Our store also features authentic Native American-made products. Support the Seneca Nation and bring home a beautiful hand-crafted gift.

Stop by our convenience store in Irving, NY today for souvenirs and a bite to eat.

We have fuel for you and your car

Stock up on everything from windshield wiper fluid to road trip snacks at our convenience store. We've got everything you need to keep your ride smooth and easy. You can get oil for your vehicle here to keep your engine humming along.

Contact us today to ask about the types of engine oil and windshield wiper fluid we sell in Irving, NY.